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 Custom Flag Quote Request

Custom Flags & Banners - The Possibilities Are Only Limited By Your Imagination!

It's easy to order a custom-made flag or banner.
  1. Complete the following design aid form.
  2. Click Submit.
  3. Upload your logo or artwork or provide a description of your design.
  4. One of our custom flag specialists will review your specifications and contact you with options and a quote on your project within 3 business days.
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The information you provide is used by Raritan Flag & Banner to improve the services we provide you. It is never provided to any other company for that company's independent use.

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Design Aid for Custom Flags
If your flag or banner is for use indoors or for parades in fair weather; You want an Indoor/Parade type. If your flag or banner is for use outdoors in all weather; You want an Outdoor type.

Note: If a flag is to be flown year round, depending on weather conditions, you may require 2-3 flags per year.

Flag Styles

- OR -

Banner Styles

Custom Size
Dimension A (down) x Dimension B (across)

Construction Type   (Check Only One)
  Single Reverse: correct one side; reverse other side.
Single: correct one side; blank other side.
Double: correct on both sides. **

** Double construction flags consisting of two (2) printed flags or banners sewn back to back, usually require an interlining to improve opacity and are priced twice the single construction price. Additional charge for interlining.
Design   (Check Only One)   On the next page you will be able to upload your artwork.
  Emblem w/Lettering
Emblem Only
Lettering Only
Don't Know
Fabric   (Check Only One)
  Nylon - (Indoor/Parade or Outdoor) Strong and Durable. May be printed, dyed, appliqued or embroidered.
Tackle Twill - (Indoor Only) Heavyweight blend of 62% rayon & 38% cotton with duplex finish (rich sheen on 1 side, matte on the other) makes it most appropriate for flags or banners that will be viewed from one side only or for double construction flag. Ideal for heavily embroidered flags or banners.
Vinyl - (Indoor/Parade or Outdoor)Economical long term outdoor or indoor display. Vinyl applied lettering or screened.
Satin - (Indoor only) Single sided banners of simple design. May be embroidered or screened.
Sunbrella - (Outdoor Only) Heavyweight 9 oz. acrylic woven fabric used for avenue display banners. May be 1 or 2 sided.
Don't Know
Technique   (Check Only One)
  Applique - (Indoor/Parade & Outdoor) Each letter and design element is a separate piece of colored material sewn onto the base material. These hand sewn flags or banners can be made up to 12 x 18 ft.
Dye Sublimation - (Indoor/Parade & Outdoor) This process can produce clean, crisp, faithful reproductions of your most intricate designs or photographs. This technique is meant to be used primarily indoors, and away from constant direct sunlight. However, it is perfectly suited for short outdoor exposure in any type of weather. All Dye Sublimation flags are made with the image reading on the front side only, inks do not penetrate through to the other side.
Dyed - (Indoor/Parade & Outdoor) This dyeing technique completely penetrates to the fabric's core. Your designs will be executed on both sides of your nylon flag or banner.
Screened - (Indoor/Parade & Outdoor) This process produces bright, well defined colors in multiple units. This process is great for full color flags where color fading effects are desired.
Embroidery - (Indoor/Parade Only) Any design can be hand stitched into a richly embroidered tapestry that you will be proud to display as a luxury symbol of your organization.
Don't Know
Background Color(s)   (Check All That Apply)
Letter Color(s)   (Check All That Apply)
Emblem Color(s)   (Check All That Apply)
Finishing Specifications   (Check Only One)
  Heading and Grommets - The standard finish for flags flown on outdoor poles. A canvas band is sewn to the left side of the flag, with brass grommets at top and bottom corners. Fasten to your upright pole with snap hooks on the halyard or fasten to a pole and bracket set with flag fasteners.
Pole Sleeve - Allows the pole to slide through the sleeve on the left hand side of the flag or banner, or across the top edge in the case of a decorative flag. A tab inside the sleeve allows the flag to button onto a screw at the top of the pole, or onto an optional non-furling device, preventing your flag from wrapping itself around the pole.
Don't Know
Fringe Color   (Check Only One)
None Blue Gold Red
Silver White Black Don't Know
Additional Comments   (Check Only One)

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On the next page you will be able to upload your artwork.

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