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 Frequently Asked Questions

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Question : How long should my flag last?
Answer : There are several factors associated with flag longevity; how often you fly the flag, the quality of the flag, the physical location of the flag, and of course the weather conditions. Generally, Tough Tex polyester flags are more durable and tend to be a bit heavier, and are better for high wind areas and rougher weather conditions. Nyl-Glo nylon flags are lighter and need less wind to fly, and are recommended for light to medium wind areas. Both polyester and nylon flags, if flown during the sanctioned twenty-two national occasions and holidays, should last for at least one year.

Question : What is the difference between a flag and a banner?
Answer : A flag has a canvas heading with metal grommets positioned at the fly end (the side that goes against the flagpole.) A banner has a pole sleeve instead of grommets which slides onto a banner pole.

Question : What size flag is best for my outdoor flagpole?
Answer : The measurement of the longest side of the flag should be approximately one-quarter to one-third the height of the pole.

15 Ft pole = 3x5 Ft flag
20 Ft pole = 3x5 Ft flag
25 Ft pole = 4x6 Ft flag
30 Ft pole = 5x8 Ft flag
35 Ft pole = 5x8 Ft flag
40 Ft pole = 6x10 Ft flag
45 Ft pole = 6x10 Ft flag
50 Ft pole = 8x12 Ft flag

Question : How do I put together an indoor mounted flag set?
Answer :
1. First you need an indoor flag with a polehem, a sleeve that slides onto the pole.
2. Second you will need a pole to hold your indoor flag. We recommend for formal occasions using a jointed oak pole, made of polished, dark oak wood, complemented with brass fittings. Aluminum and wood grained steel poles are also available.
3. Third you will need an ornament or a topper for your pole. If you are displaying an indoor U.S. flag, an eagle is traditionally used. For a state flag, the most common ornament is a spear top. Religious ornaments are also available including the Star of David, or a variety of Church Crosses. Other pole ornaments are also available depending on the flag you are displaying.
4. Next you will need a golden cord and tassel set. This is great for dressing up formal flag displays.
5. Finally you will need a base to hold your pole and display. Bases are available in many styles and colors depending again on the flag you are displaying.

Question : What size flagpole and bracket should I use to display my banner?
Answer : We recommend using a 2x3 Ft or 2-1/4x4 Ft banner for a 5 foot pole. For a 6 foot pole use a 3x5 Ft banner. Banners larger that 3x5 Ft are generally too large for pole and bracket display. 3x5 Ft banners are more attractive on medium to large size homes while 2x3 Ft and 2-1/4x4 Ft banners are more proportionate for smaller homes. Use any 1 inch bracket that you would like with any 1 inch diameter pole, or a 1-1/2 inch bracket with a 1-1/2 inch diameter pole. Typically decorative flags are hung horizontally or slightly tipped up in an adjustable bracket, and traditional style flags such as U.S., international, military, and historic flags are displayed at an angle.

Question : What if I am ordering for an organization that is tax exempt?
Answer : If you are ordering for an organization in the state of NJ with tax exempt status, the State of NJ Division of Taxation requires that all customers submit FORM ST-5 - Exempt Organization Certificate. This form may be faxed or mailed prior to your purchase so that we may create a tax exempt account for you. We will then provide you with a username and password. Sales tax will be charged until this account is established.

Question : Can I order items that I haven't seen on your website?
Answer : Of course, we have a wide variety of high quality products not all of which might be on our website at this time. If there is something that you are specifically looking for, please feel free to contact us via e-mail and someone will contact you within the next 24 hours. Please do not forget to include a telephone number where we would be able to reach you.

Question : How long before my order is shipped?
Answer : We normally ship all products within 5-7 business days from the date we receive your order. Once we receive your order and it is shipped you will receive a confirmation letter via e-mail. We take pride in shipping your order as quickly as possible, please let us know if you need a rush on an order. We cannot, however, be responsible for backorder items or delays once the merchandise is in the hands of the package carrier.

Question : I can't find my question on this list?
Answer : If you do not see your question on this list please feel free to call us toll free at (888) 283-9902, or you may Contact Us by email. We're here to serve you better, so please let us know what we can to do help.

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